White Foam Solvent Based Acrylic Tape FM477

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Liner:Yellow Glassine
Adhesive 1 Liner:Acrylic
Carrier:White Closed-cell Polyethylene Foam
Adhesive 2 Uwind:Acrylic
A balanced release enabling easy conversion into diecut
shapes and easy removal at point of application

FM 477

Avery Dennison FM 477 is a foam tape with a double coated acrylic adhesive on both sides. It has good tack and very
high shear properties. It is suitable for badge and emblem mounting in automobiles

Excellent adhesion to a variety of metals, rigid plastics
such as polypropylene, PVC, ABS and polycarbonate

Immediate high initial adhesion, high ultimate adhesion
and shear bonding strength while retaining properties at
extreme low and high temperatures
Provides conformability to rough, irregular surfaces and
compensates for mould tolerance variations
High internal strength providing conformability to
irregular surfaces combined with excellent gap filling