Starling Vinyl

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Size - 300mm x 1mt

Siser® and Avery Dennison have teamed up to create the new EasyPSV® StarlingTM! This material is the successor to our EasyPSV Permanent line and improved in nearly every way!
EasyPSV Starling is now easier to cut and weed than ever before. Achieving intricate
details is a breeze, and you can worry less about losing those tiny letters and shapes.
But perhaps the biggest change is that EasyPSV Starling is dishwasher safe— up to 80
washes! Yes, this means you can apply designs onto drinkware and run them through the dishwasher time and time again without worrying about peeling!

By popular demand, most EasyPSV Starling colors are now available in a matte finish,
with select colors available in a gloss finish. Additionally, there is a new backing with a
joint Siser/Avery Dennison logo that will help differentiate EasyPSV Starling from the
previous version.
EasyPSV Starling is a PVC-based material and is not CPSIA certified.

Composition: Calendered PVC
Thickness: 76 Microns/3.0 Mils
Finish: Matte + Gloss
Adhesive: Permanent
Applies to: Wood, Glass, Plastic,
Ceramic, Metal, Drinkware
Grid Backing: Gray

Rated Durability: 3–5 Years
Dishwasher Safe: Yes
Dishwasher Cycles: Up to 80
Microwave Safe: No
Outdoor Performance: UV,
temperature, humidity, and
salt water resistant