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Finding a fast soundless machine capable of cutting the finest details in a variety of materials on the market has always been a challenge... Until now.


As you may have seen on social media, we are happy to introduce you Juliet™: the first High-Definition cutter by Siser.


Juliet™ has been designed to be not only advanced, but intuitive as well. Loaded with powerful features that are easy to understand, Juliet is built to seamlessly adapt to your workflow, no matter your experience or skill level. With a high-quality motor that's up to 60% faster than other desktop cutters while emitting nearly half as much noise, an ultra-precise machine head, and adjustable pinch-roller feeding system, Juliet earns the title of a high-definition cutter.


Juliet is designed to cut perfectly all Siser® heat transfer vinyl with precision down to .01 mm, but works superbly with other materials such as cardstock, stickers, craft foam and much more. Cut materials up to 30cm wide using the included cutting mat or without!

That's not all... a powerful cutter needs a powerful software! Easily connect Juliet to Leonardo Design Studio via the included USB cable or a Wi-Fi connection and you’re ready to go! The best part? Leonardo Design Studio isn’t just cut software – it’s also an incredibly versatile workspace full of handmade projects, tutorial videos and ready-to-use designs. Leonardo Design Studio is free with every Juliet purchase.

European Plug is standard